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Born and raised in the north of England, Sean White, professionally known as SEANIO was always destined for creativity...

"That's how a biographer would start, right? In truth, I found my passion at a young age and while passionate, the thought never crossed my mind about a career in music until I was encouraged in high school to explore all aspects of my passion. Production seemed to come easy. During college, life took some unexpected turns and for many years I was unable to return to music production - until now.

Thanks in no small part to mentorship, support and friendship from some of my musical idols, I'm ready, and a lot of hard work and determination has brought me here, to the start of a new journey, creating and producing music LIVE, for the world to see! There's much more still to come. This is only the beginning. Come along for the ride!" - SEANIO


SEANIO is currently hard at work producing and mixing his first single, set for release in early 2022. Check back here soon for details on how to get your hands on your own copy - as well as more information on his upcoming debut album.

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Hello world!

As you may have noticed, my new website is now live! (Woo!) I guess that means that I mean business about this whole thing, huh? Well, yeah, I do.

Some of you may know my journey up to now, some of you may only know a fraction of it and some of you may not know me at all and may just be randomly stumbling upon this peculiar little section of the internet and wondering how you got here - that's okay, you're safe now. You're one of us... (One of us...) Some of you will have grown up with me…

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Life begins as soon as you're ready.” - S E A N I O