MOVIE NIGHT (on Discord)

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It's MOVIE NIGHT on Discord!

Every Friday night, it's time for Patreon supporters and I to hang out and watch movies together! We're currently working our way through the Marvel Cinematic Universe of movies in "Timeline Order" and are just over half-way through.

All movies are considered 18+ due to the unpredictable nature and/or content of participants in the event and potentially the rating of a given movie. Movie Nights are exclusive to Patrons and those assigned to the "Friends" role on the community Discord.

All movies are to be watched together in real-time via a "GroupWatch" feature on Disney+ or through the Teleparty browser extension for Netflix. Amazon Prime currently has region restrictions for its' Watch Party feature so this is unfortunately not an option.

Participants are required to have access to a legitimate subscription to the viewing platform and have the Teleparty browser extension installed on either their Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser. Participants can chat in real-time using the designated Discord voice channels. Places are limited and are offered on a first come, first serve basis.

To join MOVIE NIGHT sessions, you must be a member of the community Discord and you must also be a Patreon subscriber. PLACES ARE LIMITED and are offered on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis.