GAME NIGHT (on Discord)

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It's GAME NIGHT on Discord!

Every Saturday night (day subject to change), it's time for Patreon supporters and I to hang out and play games together!

Recurring favourites are Among Us, Evil Apples (ongoing, mobile app game, can be joined at any time), virtual Cards Against Humanity, Jackbox games, Phasmophobia and various other Discord-based activities.

All games are considered 18+ due to the unpredictable nature and/or content. Game Nights are exclusive to Patrons and those assigned to the "Friends" role on the community Discord.

I may also sometimes live-stream solo gameplay of console or PC games such as The Sims, Cities Skylines, Red Dead Redemption, FIFA Football, Spider-Man and more.

To join GAME NIGHT sessions, you must be a member of the community Discord and you must also be a Patreon subscriber.