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It's LATE NIGHT LIVE on Twitch!

I'll be streaming music production every Wednesday (unless otherwise announced) and potentially other days on an ad-hoc basis - so it's best to Follow and Subscribe to my Twitch Channel for notifications as to when I go live! You can Subscribe to my Twitch channel for FREE each month by using your Free "Prime Sub" offered by Amazon when you link your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account (known as Prime Gaming).

I'll be starting new projects and you'll get to witness them from the composition stage to the recording and production stages, through to mixing and preparation for release. I'll share my processes, showcase new plugins, experiment with sounds and tools, and explain Cubase and my various plugins for those who want to learn as I go. Feel free to follow along in your own DAW - let's make music together, share knowledge and chat about it! Or if you prefer to just watch, let's hang out and I'll try to entertain you while I do my job!

To get the stream started, I'll chat and hang out with the viewers for a little bit before "warming up" with a game of "Words on Stream", which involves unscrambling a series of letters to create several words, of 4 characters or more, with each letter being assigned a points value which contributes towards an overall score, a target for which must be reached in order to get to the next level. Limited guesses can be made and must be "unlocked" as the timer continues to run out. If the points target is reached early, levels can be skipped over, making it easier to set new records!

After the fun game, I will switch to my work screen where you can watch my Cubase window as I get to work making music!

Ask questions and chat to myself and other viewers as the session goes on. I will always do my best to interact and respond in a timely manner.

PLEASE NOTE: My streams may not be family friendly. While I may self-censor at times, I cannot guarantee keeping it PG and I am not responsible for the views and comments of other viewers in the live chat. I will have moderation in place but parental discretion is advised.